Best Practices: Medical Device Marking

Medical manufacturers require the ability to mark using many different techniques for medical_mark33UID (unique identifier), Direct Parts Marking (DPM), logos, serial numbers, part numbers, lot and date codes, schematics, graphics, deep engraving and more. They also need to be able to process a wide range of materials varying from plastic, to titanium, to stainless steel and aluminum. Because fiber lasers wavelength, output power level and beam quality can be adapted for cutting, welding, structuring or marking a wide range of materials, they are an ideal choice for medical manufacturers.

medical_mark04 (1)The stainless steel medical device part pictured to the left was marked using a 20-watt fiber laser marking system. The part, for a medical saw, was marked with a single line, narrow font for speed purposes and a bold font to increase readability. The part was engraved deep enough that the marking would very hard to remove. The cycle time for narrow engraved part took 3 seconds. The second part was engraved with a bold font to increase readability; the cycle time for the bold font was 8.5 seconds.

medical_mark3The titanium medical part pictured to the right was marked with a 10-watt  fiber laser and 160 mm focal length lens which has a working distance of 176 mm from lens to part. The parts were surface marked to created contrast on the samples with a cycle time of 9.36 seconds.

glass-barcode1Slides and glass substrates can be customized with barcodes, reference marks, company logos, graphics, or 2D matrix codes.  Markings can be added to any location on or within the glass surface, and the visibility and clarity of all marks are unaffected by standard biomedical laboratory procedures.


The LaserTower Series of laser material processing systems is ideal for direct parts marking, UID marking (unique identifier), and deep engraving. It is the most advanced, compact, industrial grade, mid size, fiber laser engraving machine available on the market. LaserTower tools employ the new generation of solid state fiber laser systems of near infrared spectral range (1060-1080 nm) with a unique combination of high peak power, ideal beam quality, fiber delivery and highest electro-optical wall-plug efficiency.


Advantages of the LaserTower Series include

  • Wide selectivity of operating wavelengths
  • ultra-low amplitude noise
  • high stability
  • ultra-long pump diode lifetime

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